Agrop was born in 1993 aiming to differentiate itself as a service company to the sugar and ethanol industry, known as sugarcane industry, providing outstanding results to the customers.

What we can do to increase your productivity?


From the harvest of seeding cane, grooving and sowing the soil, this is operation requiring high skilled tractor and harvester operators. As well as, adaptation on harvesters in order to be success.


Although tractors are required to furrow the soil, on this operation hard-workers are required to spread seed-cane on field, which is mechanically covered by low-power tractor at the end of operation.


Having specialized harvesters or combines for sugarcane and using dedicated carts to load trucks, we are able to provide high quality service on harvest, seeking a high availability of operation.


We provide technical service through development and optmization of your sugarcane plantation. Some customers follow our technical advice or take direct use of our machine for fertilization.