[Vc_row] [Vc_column] [Vc_column_text] The manual planting of sugarcane is technically considered mechanized by involving manual and mechanized operations in its stages. The operations involved in mechanized planting are: mechanized sulcation, together with the application of pesticides and fertilizers; Distribution of seedlings manually; Pication and alignment of the seedlings within the groove manually, and cover (closure) of the grooves, mechanically. The steps are divided into: cutting of the change this activity must be done by manually cutting the sugar cane that will serve as seedlings for planting, through the use of manpower with the use of the Machete (Podão). Loading and transporting sugar cane cut manually, are separated into piles and are collected with loaders and placed in bodies that facilitate unloading. Sulcation and fertilization the operation of Sulcation is related to the following aspects: spacing of the crop, depth and width of the groove. The implements used for the sulcation are also capable of simultaneously performing the fertilization. The new roots must find a soil prepared to form a broad and efficient root system. Planting the planting is carried out manually, for this step is necessary the use of manpower for the optimization of the following activities: placement and storage of the position of the oarlocks in the grooves, cut the oarlocks into pieces containing three gems and Inspection of planting. The oarlocks should be cut to prevent the predominance of plant hormones existing at the tip of the cane (young tissues) induce the warping of the stalk and the exit of the tip of the stem out of the groove. Cutting into pieces, the dominance of the apical gem is broken and, thus, all buds begin to synthesize plant hormones that induce budding. Tamping and application of defensive after all sugarcane distributed in the grooves and properly fertilized, the tamping occurs through a specific implement that is able to perform the tamping of the grooves and application of defensive, simultaneously. [/vc_column_text] [/vc_column] [/vc_row] [Vc_row] [Vc_column width = "1/3"] [Vc_single_image image = "401" img_size = "full" alignment = "center" onclick = "link_image" css_animation = "Fadein"] [Vc_single_image image = "404" img_size = "full" alignment = "center" onclick = "link_image" css_animation = "Fadein"] [/vc_column] [Vc_column width = "1/3"] [Vc_single_image image = "402" img_size = "full" alignment = "center" onclick = "link_image" css_animation = "Fadein"] [/vc_column] [Vc_column width = "1/3"] [Vc_single_image image = "403" img_size = "full" alignment = "center" onclick = "link_image" css_animation = "Fadein"] [/vc_column] [/vc_row] [Vc_row] [Vc_column] [/vc_column] [/vc_row]